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Application-form Artificial intelligence

As we know, applying artificial intelligence in the HR sector has multiple advantages for both the recruiter and the candidate. Filling out an application form with artificial intelligence is one of these. It has to do with the phase that we usually call “application”, which is the step of the selection process in which the candidate has already learned of the job announcement, assumed interested and decided to send in their CV.

In addition to their resume, they may be asked for a cover letter or the inclusion of a creative portfolio for specific roles or sectors. Additionally, and this can happen especially when applying through the company’s “Work with us” page, the candidate may still have to fill out an online application form, re-entering the information that’s already present in their CV (for example personal information, education, work experience, skills).

Online application processes can often last more than 30 minutes, which is a significant investment of time for the candidate when taken as part of the whole job application process. Furthermore, there is a risk that job seekers will be put off if the process is repetitive or does not work correctly. These factors could lead to good candidates abandoning the application process and generally contribute to a negative impression as part of the candidate experience.

However, artificial intelligence can be used to fill out an application form, and it is configured as a solution that can provide recruiters with the tools to improve upon and make the application process more rewarding.

What is an application form?

The application form is the most commonly used tool for collecting candidate information and screening their CVs. An application form is an online form for candidates to fill in, and it asks a wide range of questions about the individual and their job-related skills. The forms are legally defensible and represent a first form of presentation for the candidates to recruiters and/or employers.

Application forms should be seen as a preliminary step before candidates move on to the next step in the hiring process. Ideally, each application form should be tailored to the specific job position required and, with careful planning, can become a highly effective part of the overall selection process.

Filling out an online form with artificial intelligence

But how can artificial intelligence help simplify the application phase?

The secret lies in the information extraction and CV Parsing techniques. These artificial intelligence features are also available in Inda, which allow for the automatic extraction and digitisation of structured information taken from CVs to complete an application form automatically. This reduces the number of steps in the application phase.

Following this, the artificial intelligence systems use a semantic engine to search keywords and words similar to those in the CVs and applications. This means that even candidates who do not have the exact keyword required by the job description in their CV will still be recommended to the next phase if they have semantically similar words.

The advantages of automatically completing the application form during the recruiting process

There are many advantages to automatically completing the application form:

  • Simplifies the application process by keeping all the information the company needs for the pre-evaluation of the candidate;
  • Relieves recruiters or candidates from filling out the form manually, allowing the former to save time and the latter to complete the registration process with greater satisfaction;
  • In the case of an application through the career page, it makes the company’s “Work with us” page more innovative and functional, improving the overall brand image;
  • Positively impacts the candidate experience. According to a study conducted by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, more than 38% of candidates say they are willing to accept the job offer if they are satisfied with the application phase;
  • Improve talent acquisition. An intelligent application process pushes candidates not to abandon the application process. Also, it encourages them to apply for the job position at any time (helping to attract talent currently engaged in other work activities).


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