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Inda helps to improve the recruiter ‘s search for candidates thanks to the application of artificial intelligence to semantics. Very often recruiters, using traditional tools, risk to exclude from the search qualified candidates or candidates with skills similar to those required by the job position. Inda’s semantic search capabilities make the search for candidates more accurate, widen the talent pool for each job advertisement and suggest keywords, synonyms and related search terms useful to find the right candidates more easily, even in the case of specialized figures.

Auto-completion of keywords

The first search phase is easier thanks to Inda. The auto-completion function of the searched word shows the recruiter useful queries while he is typing.

For example, when the recruiter starts typing sa , the system may display auto-completions such as salt , salon , sales manager , sales account.

Keyword expansion

If the recruiter has not found enough results or is not satisfied with the candidates obtained from the search, he can ask Inda for other terms similar to those used in order to expand the pool of possible candidates.

This need is satisfied thanks to the suggestion of skills and job titles similar to those previously chosen by the recruiter during the search phase. Alternatively, the more generic version suggests all words similar to those entered by the recruiter, regardless of classification.

Semantic search and target candidates

At this point, the recruiter can use the semantic search function to find candidates whose CVs do not contain the exact keyword he or she entered, but which contain synonyms and other words with similar meanings.

This approach is also particularly effective in the case of typing and spelling errors within CVs or search keys and morphosyntactic differences in word conjugation and declension.

In short, all that matters is the meaning of the words and the intention of the recruiter.

Insight into the candidate's professional and educational experiences

After having found one or more interesting candidates, the recruiter can deepen some aspects of the CVs , such as professional and educational experiences, and get more information about the candidates.

By consulting an updated database on universities and companies made available by Inda, it is possible to obtain information on their size, turnover, number of students, geographical position and prestige according to the main classifications.

Accurate search through similar candidates

Once the recruiter has found a profile in line with the position he is looking for, instead of carrying out a new search, he can use Inda’s similar candidates function. Thanks to this feature, you will get a list of candidates with requirements similar to those of the profile you are looking for.

Finally, Inda allows to refine the process by directly comparing semantically close profiles with the support of search filters in order to have a more human approach to selection, comparing people and not words.

Benefits of Inda

More accurate search

More accurate candidate search that overcomes keyword misspellings and typos

Simpler search for specialized profiles

Support in the search of specialized figures in the absence of the technical vocabulary required for the position to be filled.

Larger candidate pool

Broader search to find the right candidate and not risk excluding other qualified profile

Reduce time and costs

Efficient and more accurate searches reduce the time and costs associated with opening new recruits

Richer recruiter's vocabulary

Autocomplete search terms and intelligently suggest keywords to enrich the recruiter’s vocabulary

Candidate details

More information and details about candidates on aspects of the CV related to previous education and experience

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