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Creating an intelligent Job Board


Employment agencies

Inda can provide the necessary support for the construction of an intelligent job board for the meeting between supply and demand of employment. In fact, besides allowing to collect and store in a safe and optimized way both the job ads published by the companies as well as the CVs resulting from applications to one or more ads or from spontaneous applications. Inda contains an Artificial Intelligence engine capable of optimally matching candidates and job positions.

Editorial suggestion for a job ads

The advertisements sent by the companies can be submitted to Inda’s editorial suggestion and this allows to increase their visibility and effectiveness.

Inda suggests alternative skills and job titles. For example, for the keyword “sales”, the system suggests, among others, “salesman”, “sales manager”, “area manager”, “business developer”, etc.. In addition, Inda identifies and associates skills and tasks of candidates recognized by standard taxonomies such as ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations), ISCO, ISTAT, O*NET.

Storage for ads and CV

Inda’s database provides optimized, simple and secure storage for job ads and CVs. It also helps you manage information such as the number of ad views, the history of applications collected and the step reached by each candidate in the hiring pipeline. This data can be useful later on to provide personalized and data-driven feedback to the companies that posted the ads.

Fast application with auto-complete

The form auto-completion system allows candidates to register for ads with a simple click, starting from the upload of a CV file of any format, thanks to Information Extraction methods.

By customizing the fields of the application form according to the needs of the company, it is possible to collect all the structured data necessary for the recruiting process. The automatic compilation of fields improves application times, reduces the rate of candidate abandonment during the application phase and makes the Candidate Experience smarter.


Intelligent classification of candidates

In order to select candidates more accurately and find the most suitable profiles for each job offer, Inda’s job matching system classifies candidates according to the relevance of skills, job titles, level of study and experience, etc., assigning each one a semantic score.

This process is fundamental to speed up the screening phase.


Suggestion job vacancies to candidates

Once the registration to a job advertisement has been done with the automatic compilation of the CV, Inda is able to indicate to the candidates the most interesting job offers, assigning to each one a matching percentage with respect to the uploaded CV.


In-depth analysis of the candidates

In case you need to have more information about a candidate and to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in relation to the vacancy, Inda has an Evidence system that allows the recruiter to deepen the score obtained during the matching phase and to consult the details of the candidate’s score for each requirement and feature of the vacancy.

After finding the candidates most in line with a certain ad, for example an accountant, the Evidence system offers more details on the candidates to obtain a percentage of compatibility for each requirement of the ad, while reporting the keywords in the candidate’s CV that are semantically most in line with that requirement.

For example, the system might give the candidate a 99% score on the “invoicing” requirement by reporting the keywords “invoices,” “payments,” “financial statements,” and “suppliers” (note the absence of the exact match).


In-depth ad analysis

A candidate who has been notified of a group of vacancies can use Inda’s Evidence system to obtain a detail of the matching score between his/her CV and the vacancy for which he/she intends to apply or each of the vacancies suggested by Inda. In other words, the candidate receives a detail with a score for each requirement and feature of the vacancy.

This allows him to self-assess in relation to each ad of interest and to understand firsthand what his strengths and weaknesses are.

For example, the system might give the candidate a 99% score on the “invoicing” requirement, reporting the keywords “invoices,” “payments,” “budget,” and “suppliers” (note the absence of the exact match).


Targeted ads for newsletters

Inda helps to increase candidate engagement by suggesting job offers to recruiters that can be included in newsletters dedicated to the target audience.

By periodically monitoring the CVs uploaded by the candidates, Inda’s artificial intelligence allows the recruiter to associate each candidate with the most relevant job offers based on the matching algorithm, information that can be included in newsletters and personalized mass communications.

Benefits of Inda

More effective job ads

Improved job ad writing to make them more effective and searchable

More secure storage and retention of data

Easier and more secure collection and storage of job ads and resumes

Collect information easily

Customization of fields and automatic completion of application form

Accurate candidate selection

Analyze candidate compatibility with job postings for more accurate selections

Candidate self-assessment

Analysis of candidate strengths and weaknesses in relation to a job posting

Candidate engagement

Suggesting job postings for inclusion in newsletters for targeted candidates

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