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Add new custom fields to filter searches according to specific needs


Employment agencies

Let’s imagine that a company or an employment agency is collecting CVs in the context of an event. Later on, in the search phase, recruiters may need to filter candidates taking into account whether they attended the event or not. In cases like this, although Inda’s database does not contain the event field by default, its technology offers the necessary tools to quickly define and manage the addition of new “custom” fields compared to those present by default, with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Inda is in fact a flexible and versatile product that adapts to all needs, even when the operational specificities of a company require an ad hoc data management in order to save new fields and filter searches on the basis of these.

Request new custom field for research

Once you have identified the information that you want to add to the database, you just need to insert a new custom field to add to the database mapping.

The mapping is the template used by Inda to correctly structure the data and it is not possible to add a document with a field that is not present in the mapping, so it is necessary to modify it in advance!

For example, a company or employment agency that collects candidates’ CVs during events or trade shows may need to use a new event field to perform DB searches, so as to identify candidates who are registered on one occasion rather than another.

Technically, after specifying the name of the field, its position in the document’s JSON, and the type of data it contains (a number, a string, geographic coordinates, etc.), it will be possible to add documents with that field to the index.

Add or update documents with new fields

In the process of adding a document , you will be able to send the new additional fields specified in the mapping. If, on the other hand, a document was already present in the DB and you only need to add the new fields to it, simply take advantage of the document update functions to insert the extra information.

Search for candidates with new filters

It is possible to use the new custom fields as filters to perform more targeted and refined searches.

Returning to the previous example, if the recruiter needs to filter candidates on the basis of their participation in one of the events organized by the company, it will be possible to use the event field as a search filter.

Consult results with custom values

The added and indexed custom fields are provided in the response JSON along with all other fields so you can browse them.

Benefits of Inda

Flexibility and efficiency

Easily adapts to all types of business needs

More accurate search

More accurate search system using specific filters

Reduced time and costs

Reduced work time, costs and team energy to perform tasks

Better data management

Creation and saving of new fields and better management of collected data

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