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Artificial intelligence for Companies Employement Agencies Job Boards Software Providers

Artificial intelligence enhances the recruitment and Talent Acquisition processes for different companies and different environments

An AI technology for multiple environments

Inda is a flexible and modular technology that uses artificial intelligence to improve the recruitment and Talent Acquisition processes. With its advanced features, Inda is compatible with many different environments and it adapts to a wide variety of needs. This artificial intelligence solution is suitable for Companies, Employment Agencies, Search & Selection Services, Job Boards and Software Providers.


If you’re a company that independently manages the recruitment process, Inda enhances the search and selection activities with artificial intelligence.

  •  Integrates easily with ATS and HR software, digitising candidate information with CV parsing tools
  • Automates various steps of the search process to minimise repetitive tasks
  • Reduces time-to-hire without sacrificing the accuracy of a data-driven approach

Employment Agencies and Search & Selection Services

Inda’s AI technology can help to transform your Talent Acquisition strategy to better meet the needs of your client companies.

  • Make recruitment more efficient by working in synergy with the client company
  • Select the most qualified candidates for the existing vacancies
  • Strengthen Brand Reputation by speeding up the registration and application process

Job Boards

With artificial intelligence tools you can efficiently manage job announcements (inc. online) and the candidate search

  • Enrich your CV database by mapping profiles to specific search keywords
  • Create a shortlist of talented candidates by monitoring the candidate scores
  • Improve the Candidate Experience for recruitment of medium to long term positions

Software Providers

The features integrated into Inda artificial intelligence improve the HR suite offered by traditional software tools.

  • Scalable and quality tools that evolve with innovation
  • Increase customer productivity which increases their ROI
  • External APIs mean that features can be integrated, even in third-party software

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