Planning career paths

Turn your working life around and plan new career paths

Why it is difficult to make a career change

The world of work is constantly evolving and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the times. On the one hand, digital transformation and technological innovation have led to the emergence of new technical or other ‘hybrid’ professions, blurring the boundaries of work. On the other hand, some professions and sectors have suffered a backlash, highlighting the problem of unemployment and unemployability.

Many found themselves having to change jobs or wanting to build a new career. As a result, they have started to ask themselves very specific questions:

  • What job can I do with the skills I have?
  • What skills am I lacking to do the job I want?
  • How can I transfer my skills from one job to another?

Reviewing one’s skills and assessing new job opportunities are essential steps in planning new career paths.


Planning career paths with Inda

Inda has provided a career path planning service to help human resources change and improve their working life or embark on a new career path.

By combining algorithms developed by NESTA and J.P. Morgan with Inda’s ESCO algorithms, this service supports employees in the process of rebuilding and improving their career in order to find a new place in the labour market.

NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) is an organisation that, with the support of J.P. Morgan, has developed methodologies to quantify the automation risk of multiple positions.

By working on the proximity between skills and between jobs, based on the ESCO classification, it suggests new career paths, compares the skills and tasks performed in previous jobs with those one would like to do, recommends upskilling to expand job opportunities, and helps re-evaluate the candidate’s skills to compensate for the skill gap between jobs.

Suggesting new career paths

Career Recommendation

This service suggests a list of occupations that are similar to the job title but alternative to it. Careers are suggested on the basis of the ESCO classification and then by searching for ESCO jobs that most closely match the job title entered.

Analysis and Comparison of Occupations

Occupation Activities Comparison

The service compares in detail the main activities performed in the starting job with those typical of the job you would like to do, always based on the ESCO classification. This system highlights a possible gap between the tasks and allows the candidate to take appropriate action to compensate for it.

Skills Analysis and Comparison

Occupation Skill Comparison

As with the occupations, Inda also offers an overview of the skills related to two jobs (source and target) and thus a detailed comparison between those of the job held and those related to the job one would like to do. Based on the ESCO skills, each competence of the source job is matched with a similar competence of the target job. This 1-to-1 comparison helps to enhance the candidate's skillset and, as with jobs, shows a possible gap between the competences by providing useful suggestions for compensating for it.


Upskilling simulator

Acquiring new skills can open up new career opportunities. Given a starting job title and a set of skills to be learnt, Inda helps you identify possible career paths that you can take. Combined with the skills analysis and comparison service that allows you to identify skills that are missing but useful to be able to do a certain job, the upskilling service shows you which career opportunities can open up once you have acquired new skills.

Want to plan new career paths?

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The benefits of the career path planning service

Turning candidates' professional lives around
Offers new career opportunities
Helps overcome the job and skills gaps
Promotes upskilling and reskilling of skills

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