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Parsing of documents

The reading and analysis of a digital document in the company passes through Parsing

Ways in which document parsing can be used

The widespread use of artificial intelligence has made other cutting-edge tools and techniques more available, including Parsing. This is a solution that can read and analyse information contained within any type of document. The parsing reads or scans the file in a digital format and extracts specific data while also automatically converting it. Parsing is a modular but also vertical tool: it can work generally on documents and can also adapt to the specific needs of different companies and professional sectors.

As well as being used in the HR sector to analyse CVs and facilitate archiving of structured candidate data, parsing solutions can be used in other sectors to extract and collect information from various document types:

  • PDF, excel, cvs, word and more
  • Invoices, receipts and order forms
  • Contracts and payslips
  • Account statements
  • Price lists
  • Analysis and tables

Find out how to use parsing in your company

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