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The new modules in Inda

We’re working on new modules in Inda to make the application of artificial intelligence for your recruitment even more efficient.

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The new modules in Inda

By analysing the information extracted from CVs during the selection process, it will be possible to perform a predictive analysis to provide recruiters with the tools to identify the most suitable candidate for a specific position. This analysis will be made possible by combining data from candidates with that of existing employees in the company.

With the data from the candidate’s CV as a starting point, it will be possible to enrich this data with other information obtained from internal sources or available online. For example, Inda will be able to complete the profile of Companies or Universities with information that relates to the sector, number of employees, location information on the offices, etc.

We are working on the creation of an intelligent conversational agent which, based on the information provided in the CV, will be able to dialogue and interact with the candidate by answering in-depth questions and / or tests.

With reporting and the creation of visual maps, it will be possible to present our customers’ data throughout the recruitment process, to really evaluate how objectives are being met and the overall quality of the recruitment performance.

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