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Job matching

Find the perfect match between job ads and candidates

What is Job Matching

In order to manage selection in the best possible way, it’s not enough to look for candidates and cover the company’s vacant positions. The recruiter has to find the best candidate for every job advertisement. Among the various obstacles that can slow this operation down, the selector has to deal with the high number of applications – even those which don’t fit the requirements – received for every job offer and with the time needed to screen them (often still manually).

Job matching is able to find the right candidate for every job offer in the easiest and quickest way. With the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI matching) it is possible to trace the best matching between job ads and the candidates who are in the database and viceversa, and therefore drastically reduce the hiring time, improve the selection’s effectiveness and the involving of passive candidates.

How does Job Matching work

The job matching is able to find the best matching between job offers and candidates and viceversa. Taking as an input the text in a job ad, Inda operates through a semantic match on skills, job title, seniority, academic experience etc among the data of the candidates already in the database (which were previously extracted) and provides a list of valid candidates. Through an Evidence system, it’s also possible to verify the compatibility level of the candidate for every topic analyzed throughout the matching.

From the job ad to the candidate...

This feature helps the recruiter identify the best matching between job ads and candidates and can happen either before or after the job ad posting. In the former, starting from the job ad draft, it is possible to operate a “preliminary matching” which works on a broad spectrum and looks for the perfect matching among the profiles available in the company’s database. In the latter, the real job matching is more limited, fast and precise: it refers to the published job advertisement and it chooses from the list of candidates who have applied.

from the job ad to the candidate

The matching operation lets the candidate reach job ads which are in line with his/her competencies more easily, reducing the searching effort and improving the involvement of passive candidates and the chance to receive qualified applications. Periodically, it’s possible to suggest job ads to the candidates who are in line with required conditions and competences. By communicating the availability in push mode of the announcements to candidates in line with the job description, the chance to receive qualified applications grows, making the successive selection smoother and more functional.

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Benefits of Job Matching

Reduces hiring time and speeds up screening

Makes selection more accurate and effective

Easily identifies the best candidates 

Improves candidate experience

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