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In recent years, the management of human resources and of search and selection processes has been constantly evolving. In the recruiting environment, a recruiter, until recently performed most of the activities manually, can now manage the entire process digitally by leveraging ad hoc technologies such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Recruiting software has brought about a great change in the HR world, and through artificial intelligence (AI), it is now possible to enhance the operation of these technologies and other services for even more innovative HR management.

In light of the synergy between these two technologies (ATS and AI), let’s see what aspects of the search and selection process can be improved by enhancing ATS with artificial intelligence.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and artificial intelligence

Companies that choose to experiment with artificial intelligence, and already use an ATS to perform search and selection activities, are moving toward intelligent, not just digitized, management of the recruiting process. Through specific algorithms and Machine Learning models, artificial intelligence can be used to add value to the capabilities of the ATS, to refine its operation and performance and, in this way, achieve more efficient recruiting processes.

These are just some of the improvements that Inda (INtelligent Data Analysis), the proprietary artificial intelligence technology for data analysis and interpretation, is able to bring. Thanks to the API, it can be easily integrated with any software and, of course, natively integrated with the Applicant Tracking System In-recruiting. Thanks to its many applications, artificial intelligence is able to respond to the recruiting needs of different types of companies and allows recruiters to more easily achieve their Talent Acquisition goals.

Improving the recruiting process with ATS and AI

There are several reasons to use artificial intelligence in the recruiting process! In general, though, pairing an AI technology like Inda with the use of an Applicant Tracking System allows you to improve several aspects of the search and selection process.

Automate activities and save time

Alongside ATS and centralized, digitized management of recruiting activities, AI automates the performance of certain tasks and speeds up, in a noticeable way, selection. Faster application processes, automatic completion of application forms, rapid screening activities (even in the case of a large number of applications), CV parsing, semantic search engines, matching systems: these are just some of the advantages offered by AI. In any case, these are functionalities or resources that allow the recruiter to deal with complex activities and repetitive tasks, such as CV screening, and at the same time save time and preserve the quality of the results and the work done.

Select the most qualified candidates objectively

One of the merits of artificial intelligence is to help minimize the impact of cognitive bias on the selection process. This is a much-discussed issue and one that generally pushes towards more objective and fair selection processes. Through CV anonymization systems and semantic candidate search techniques (from which personal data is automatically excluded), the aim is to give real value to people’s skills and to ensure that it is the candidate’s skills and experience that guide the recruiter’s final decisions.

Conduct targeted searches

ATSs have special search tools to make it easier to find candidates within their database. Artificial intelligence also provides recruiters with a semantic engine that allows them to make their searches timely and more targeted, ensuring a broader spectrum. This means that, thanks to semantic search, the recruiter is able to intercept both candidates who exactly match the search key used, and those who have used its synonyms within the CV.

Let’s take an example: if we were to do a search using the word “programmer”, the semantic engine would also be able to track down all the CVs that do not contain that specific keyword, but its synonyms: “developer” or “developer”.

In this way, you can be sure that you are considering all candidates, even those who have chosen a different language from that used by the recruiter, and you don’t run the risk of leaving out qualified resources.

Valuing the Talent Pool

A further contribution in this sense is also offered by the possibility of identifying candidates similar to those that emerged from the search, going to enhance even the “dormant” CVs in your Talent pool.

Job Matching algorithms play a very important role in the enhancement of the Talent Pool and of passive candidates. These algorithms automatically analyze the published advertisements to identify the main characteristics of the profile sought (e.g. Job Title, qualifications, work experience, skills, etc.) and verify whether the CV database contains candidates potentially in line with the requirements. If so, the system notifies recruiters of the pool of suitable candidates and can automatically send email or SMS communications to candidates to inform them of new job opportunities that might interest them.

Take care of the candidate experience

Ensuring candidates have a positive experience within the candidate journey is an indispensable factor in the selection process. Candidates need transparent, fluid processes and easy interaction with recruiters. In addition to personalized communications, reserved access to candidates, customized and user-friendly career pages proposed by some ATS (all features available in In-recruiting), artificial intelligence is supported by tools for the automatic filling of application forms, CV parsing, chatbots, candidate/job matching systems, all to the benefit of the candidate’s experience within the selection process.

These aspects are fundamental to better manage each recruiting phase and can be easily enhanced by combining ATS and artificial intelligence. The combination of these technological tools, in fact, represents a real breakthrough in the way of recruiting to attract and manage the selection of talent in a faster, more efficient and smarter way.

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