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Data Enrichment

Enriching candidate profiles with new information for more data-driven decisions

Getting to know candidates better with data

In recruiting, the CV is used by candidates to prove that they are eligible to participate in an ongoing selection, by recruiters, on the other hand, to collect preliminary information useful in the pre-screening phase. The data included in the CV, however, are not always up-to-date or cannot always be exhaustive, so that the recruiter can make an informed decision on whether to advance a candidate to the next step in the hiring pipeline. For this reason, it can be useful to enrich a candidate’s profile with new data (Data Enrichment), but without intervening on the application forms and risking compromising the candidate experience by making them too long and complex. Thanks to Inda’s artificial intelligence, it is possible to quickly find new information on the educational and professional background of candidates that can be used to paint a more complete picture for selection purposes.

Data Enrichment for recruiting

Data Enrichment is a process of data enhancement and enrichment that allows a company to validate, refine or supplement the data it holds. With the application of artificial intelligence to the HR world, the process of data enrichment can also be extended to personnel search and selection to help recruiters find reliable and up-to-date data that they can easily use and consult to assess candidates in the right way. An integrated Data Enrichment system is very beneficial: instead of spending time on web searches or delegating the search for information to other HR team members, it saves time and resources especially when selections are urgent.

The benefits of Data Enrichment for
the identification of Universities and Companies

Increases candidates' understanding

Enriches candidate profiles with new information

Reduces time and resources spent in research

Steers towards more data-driven decisions

How Inda's Data Enrichment works

This system allows recruiters to enrich a candidate’s profile with new data on educational and professional background . Data Enrichment on Universities and Companies offers a summary of data on the Universities where the candidate has studied and the Companies where he/she has worked, which can be consulted easily and at any time during the selection process. Functioning as an auto-complete, when you start typing the name of a University or Company, the system retrieves its full name, associated ID and selected information.


Find out how to use Data Enrichment to identify Universities and Companies

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