bias and artificial intelligence
Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

How many times, starting from an initial opinion of which you are particularly convinced, have you given space only to sources that confirm it without evaluating, or even putting aside those completely opposite? We are sure that you have often acted this way, although you think you are a person with a critical spirit, who […]

Job Matching finding the right person
Job Matching: finding the right person for an ad with AI

When a candidate stops filling out a form, abandons the candidate journey or even decides to leave the company shortly after being hired, it means that something has gone wrong during the search and selection process. Lengthy and complex registration forms, disorganized selection processes, poor communication with candidates, burnout situations and poor sharing of company […]

Investing in artificial intelligence: benefits for SMEs

Investing in artificial intelligence and innovative technologies for the management of recruitment may seem a justified action only for large companies, employment agencies or search and selection companies (especially in light of the high numbers of CVs with whom they work on a daily basis). In reality, investing in artificial intelligence solutions is also a […]

Smart working and artificial intelligence

The world of work is changing. The spread of technology and the multiplication in how it is used, plus the recent addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has redefined ways of working in terms of time and space. Digital Transformation has had a considerable impact on the professional environment and this has led to rethinking the […]

Search and selection: when to employ artificial intelligence

Among the daily activities carried out by companies, search and selection is one of the most important and, at the same time, most complex. The process begins when a company needs to hire new personnel to expand their team, to come with company growth, to replace leaving employees, for temporary or permanent positions and so […]

How to improve candidate engagement with artificial intelligence

How to improve candidate engagement with artificial intelligence It’s important to define what engagement of candidates and employees means in the context of HR. A candidate who interfaces with a company for the first time to propose their CV and apply for an open position is similar to a user who comes across a new […]

Why is there so much talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning?

The frequency with which we hear about artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning demonstrates how much this technology has entered our lives. From digital assistants on our smartphones and chatbots that we query on websites, to intelligent driving systems and automation tools used in the home, financial, HR and tech sectors. Every day, even […]

Computer Vision: AI’s eyes focused on recruiting

Computer Vision: AI’s eyes focused on recruiting Artificial Intelligence has now fully entered into our daily lives: whether it’s to protect us from spam, or to help us choose which movie to watch or song to listen to, advanced algorithms play an increasingly central role in our activities. But what is artificial intelligence really capable […]

How to enhance the candidate database with Artificial Intelligence

Many Human Resources companies have already adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operations. This is because they have clearly understood the advantages and potential of AI in improving their search and selection process. Artificial Intelligence can be a really useful tool for recruiters because on its own it brings a wealth of benefits but it […]

metric semantic model
Building a metric to evaluate a semantic model

Building a metric to evaluate a semantic model Inda’s semantic search requires a domain-specific semantic model: this model specializes in vocabulary, idioms and semantic meanings typical of the recruiting field. As explained in our previous article, the key to choose the more appropriate semantic model and to optimize its parameters is the evaluation method. First […]

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bias and artificial intelligence
Job Matching finding the right person

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