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8 things Artificial Intelligence must offer the recruiter

How much and what can Artificial Intelligence do for recruiting? And in what way? When it comes to AI applied to the world of human resources, there are often those who turn up

Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

The article provides an overview of cognitive biases and their impact on the recruitment process. These biases distort reality and have consequences in decision making, often affecting the hiring process. The text


Job Matching: finding the right person for an ad with AI

Artificial intelligence can improve the recruitment process and reduce mismatch of job applicants and positions by automating job matching. By parsing CVs and job postings, AI applications like Inda extract key information


Computer Vision: AI’s eyes focused on recruiting

Artificial Intelligence has now fully entered into our daily lives: whether it’s to protect us from spam or to help us choose which movie to watch or song to listen to, advanced


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