How to enhance the candidate database with Artificial Intelligence

Many Human Resources companies have already adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operations. This is because they have clearly understood the advantages and potential of AI in improving their search and selection process. Artificial Intelligence can be a really useful tool for recruiters because on its own it brings a wealth of benefits but it […]

Semantic research: a guide for recruiters and HR

Semantic research: a guide for recruiters and HR Artificial intelligence and big data are revolutionising many sectors. Today, Machine Learning systems recognize and classify images, sounds and words with increasingly precise results. This revolution is also about to make an arrival in the field of recruitment, and. in a few years nothing will be the […]

metric semantic model
Building a metric to evaluate a semantic model

Building a metric to evaluate a semantic model Inda’s semantic search requires a domain-specific semantic model: this model specializes in vocabulary, idioms and semantic meanings typical of the recruiting field. As explained in our previous article, the key to choose the more appropriate semantic model and to optimize its parameters is the evaluation method. First […]

creating the ground truth
Creating the Ground Truth for Validating a Semantic Model

In a previous post, we described mathematical metrics to choose the best semantic model and to optimize its parameters. However, these metrics need a ground truth: they require baseline rankings (of words, sentences, or texts) that can be regarded as correct and can be compared with the output of the model. Online we can find […]

CV parsing and recruitment
What is CV Parsing and how does it work?

Reading CVs is always on the agenda for those who occupy themselves with search and selection. But what happens when a computer reads a CV? While the recruiter can quickly and easily find the information that they consider relevant and required for a job posting, it still takes a lot of time to analyse every […]

benefits of artificial intelligence in recruitment
5 benefits to start using artificial intelligence in recruitment

For some, artificial intelligence (AI) is already a trend. Numerous companies, from different sectors, have introduced AI technologies into their internal systems because they have grasped the huge potential for their businesses and the advantages for productivity. The world of human resources (HR) is no exception. Companies, Employment Agencies and large organisations, have already started […]

NLP natural language processing
Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Communication is no longer just a human prerogative. As new technologies develop, including artificial intelligence, content is being both produced and disseminated automatically, or by machines. This is a new dimension of communication, one of human-machine interaction, in which Natural Language Processing (NLP) has an important role to play. Let’s try to understand what it […]

application form and artificial intelligence
Using artificial intelligence to fill out an application form

As we know, applying artificial intelligence in the HR sector has multiple advantages for both the recruiter and the candidate. Filling out an application form with artificial intelligence is one of these and has to do with the phase that we usually call “application”, that is the step of the selection process in which the […]

anonymous CV
Anonymous CVs: what are they and how to use them for blind recruitment

L’obiettivo di ogni campagna di ricerca e selezione è quello di riuscire ad individuare e assumere il candidato più qualificato per una posizione vacante. La ricerca del talento, però, rischia di essere ostacolata dalla comparsa dei cosiddetti bias cognitivi, dei pregiudizi inconsapevoli che possono insorgere nel recruiter in fase di selezione, condizionando la scelta del […]

ATS and artificial intelligence
Enhance the recruiting process with ATS and artificial intelligence

In recent years, the management of human resources and of search and selection processes has been constantly evolving. In the recruiting environment, a recruiter, until recently performed most of the activities manually, can now manage the entire process digitally by leveraging ad hoc technologies such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Recruiting software has brought about […]

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