intelligenza artificiale etica
Artificial intelligence and ethics: doubts, risks and challenges for companies

Hearing about Artificial Intelligence in recruitment is becoming increasingly common. In spite of what used to happen in the past, today AI is coming fully into the world of work and in particular into that part that deals with Talent Acquisition and recruiting. As we know, relying on intelligence that is not just human, but...

choose ai technology
8 things Artificial Intelligence must offer the recruiter

How much and what can Artificial Intelligence do for recruiting? And in what way? When it comes to AI applied to the world of human resources, there are often those who turn up their noses. It is feared that it could steal the job from recruiters or make it worse. On the contrary, Artificial Intelligence...

intelligenza artificiale diversity
How to support diversity with Artificial Intelligence

Among the trends of 2022 are certainly diversity and inclusion, and a company today that does not move in the direction of embracing differences and guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities, through inclusive actions and policies, seems almost anachronistic. Not only that, not considering diversity in the workplace can be counterproductive in the long run.  But...

mercato intelligenza artificiale
The artificial intelligence market in Italy

Until a few years ago, talking about Artificial Intelligence in Italy made many people turn up their noses, but in the last period it has represented one of the sectors in Italy for which there has been exceptional growth. AI, therefore, has become increasingly important for companies that choose it as a technology to start...

pro e contro intelligenza artificiale
The pros and cons of artificial intelligence in recruiting

“Alexa, turn on the TV”, “OK Google, weather tomorrow in Turin”, “Alexa, turn off the lights”: how many of you every day and several times a day utter one of these or similar phrases? We are convinced there are many of you: What we have just done is in fact just one example of how...

chatbot and recruiting
Chatbot: what it is and why it is important for recruitment

You’ve probably tried to contact a company on Facebook Messenger or on their website several times and found yourself faced not with a person answering you, but with a chatbot. The chatbot may have given you the answer to the question that led you to buy the service or given you instructions on how to...

bias cognitivi
Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

How many times, starting from an initial opinion of which you are particularly convinced, have you given space only to sources that confirm it without evaluating, or even putting aside those completely opposite? We are sure that you have often acted this way, although you think you are a person with a critical spirit, who...

job matching
Job Matching: finding the right person for an ad with AI

When a candidate stops filling out a form, abandons the candidate journey or even decides to leave the company shortly after being hired, it means that something has gone wrong during the search and selection process. Lengthy and complex registration forms, disorganized selection processes, poor communication with candidates, burnout situations and poor sharing of company...

Investing in artificial intelligence: benefits for SMEs

Investing in artificial intelligence and innovative technologies for the management of recruitment may seem a justified action only for large companies, employment agencies or search and selection companies (especially in light of the high numbers of CVs with whom they work on a daily basis). In reality, investing in artificial intelligence solutions is also a...

Smart working and artificial intelligence

The world of work is changing. The spread of technology and the multiplication in how it is used, plus the recent addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has redefined ways of working in terms of time and space. Digital Transformation has had a considerable impact on the professional environment and this has led to rethinking the...

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