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Smart working and artificial intelligence

The world of work is changing. The spread of technology and the multiplication in how it is used, plus the recent addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has redefined ways of working in

8 things Artificial Intelligence must offer the recruiter

How much and what can Artificial Intelligence do for recruiting? And in what way? When it comes to AI applied to the world of human resources, there are often those who turn up

Artificial intelligence and ethics: doubts, risks and challenges for companies

Hearing about Artificial Intelligence in recruitment is becoming increasingly common. In spite of what used to happen in the past, today AI is coming fully into the world of work and in particular into that part


How to support diversity with Artificial Intelligence

Among the trends of 2022 are certainly diversity and inclusion, and a company today that does not move in the direction of embracing differences and guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities through inclusive

Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

Bias and Artificial Intelligence: the impact on recruitment

The article provides an overview of cognitive biases and their impact on the recruitment process. These biases distort reality and have consequences in decision making, often affecting the hiring process. The text


Job Matching: finding the right person for an ad with AI

Artificial intelligence can improve the recruitment process and reduce mismatch of job applicants and positions by automating job matching. By parsing CVs and job postings, AI applications like Inda extract key information

Application-form Artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to fill out an application form

As we know, applying artificial intelligence in the HR sector has multiple advantages for both the recruiter and the candidate. Filling out an application form with artificial intelligence is one of these.


Investing in artificial intelligence: benefits for SMEs

Investing in artificial intelligence and innovative technologies to manage recruitment may seem justified only for large companies, employment agencies, or search and selection companies (especially in light of the high numbers of


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