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Why Inda API

Inda is easily integrable with third party’s software with the right API (Application Programming Interface). Thanks to the work of our specialized Data Science team, APIs are now able to integrate Inda’s features with every possible software. The following documents have all the information needed to support companies toward the technical implementation and the correct use of Inda’s features in every kind of process

integrate artificial intelligence with APIs
INtelligent Data Analysis for HR Use our APIs to integrate artificial intelligence and utilize all of Inda's features connected to HR and recruiting. The methods used allow you to: automate and speed up the candidate's registration process to a job advertisement (automatic compilation of online form); extract the information from a CV and other kind of files (Resume/CV Parsing); archive structured data in your database and move them among different systems; simplify the candidates research in your database (semantic search) and improve the selection of the most qualified profiles with suggestion systems such as Skills and Job Title, ESCO Mapping and Job Matching. CHECK OUT INDA HR APIs
INtelligent Data Analysis for Document Parsing
Inda Desk sees the application of artificial intelligence also to other professional areas, such as bureaucracy and finance. Using APIs, Inda allows the analysis and parsing of generic and/or fiscal documents (documentary parsing). By automating the gathering of information and structured data, Inda Desk reads and scans the content of fiscal documents such as DURF, DURC, cameral visions etc accelerating the extraction of the information needed for decision-making. CHECK OUT INDA DESK APIs
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