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Anonymous CV

The real time generation of an anonymous CV or digital document

Anonymisation of CVs

One of the merits of artificial intelligence is that it can help make selection processes more transparent and equal. By minimising the cognitive biases that can, unknowingly, affect the recruiter’s decisions in the selection process, artificial intelligence can be used to increase diversity and encourage the integration of human resources in the company. In order to select candidates on the basis of their actual skills, without being influenced by additional factors, Inda has developed a CV anonymisation system (Anonymous CV / Resume) which is one of the most useful tools for blind recruitment

What is the CV anonymisation process

The Anonymous CV / Resume feature allows you to generate an anonymised CV in real time to be shared with colleagues and corporate users or with client companies to select candidates based on their skills and potential. Based on a CV file in a digital format (e.g. pdf, doc, docx), Inda delivers an anonymised copy in real time, “obscuring” information relating to: name, surname, telephone number, email, gender, nationality, date of birth, photo, links.

The purpose of an anonymous CV

The anonymised CV redactor, made available by Inda, is an ideal feature for any company that would like to carry out disguised selection. It is very useful for Employment Agencies and Search & Selection Companies who need to share candidate CVs externally with clients and companies, but also for those who need to share internally with colleagues and corporate users.

Work is already underway to improve this tool to allow for the anonymisation of CVs in formats other than those currently accepted, and also to hide linguistic terms in the CV (or cover letter) that could reveal information about the candidate. For example, terms such as “As a female Science graduate” may be anonymised.

Value the skills of your candidates with anonymous CVs

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