About us

About us

Our story began with Intervieweb S.r.l., an HR Tech company specialised in the development and distribution of specific Human Resources (HR) software to manage the recruitment process.
Since 2009, our mission has been to put skills, technology and innovation at the service of our customers, responding to the day-to-day needs and challenges that every recruiter faces.
This led to the founding of Inrecruiting and most recently, Inda, the artificial intelligence solution for recruitment. Both products joined the Zucchetti Group, a major Italian software house, in 2019



Inrecruiting, the beating heart of our organisation is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed to respond to the basic needs of every HR team: selecting the best candidates and talent in the shortest time possible.

In this way Inrecruiting is an ideal solution for Companies and Employment Agencies that want to autonomously manage their search and selection process, in Italy and overseas. Our recruiting software is available in cloud, in multilingual formats and is totally scalable and can be personalised based on the users’ needs.


In order to help recruiters save time on repetitive tasks, and instead dedicate more time to value-added activities, we decided to enhance our ATS with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques taken from artificial intelligence.

The work of a specialised Data Science team, made up of three physicists and two IT engineers, in collaboration with the IT team, has allowed us to release Inda, the new Intelligent Data Analysis solution. Since 2020 Inda has been integrated within In-recruiting and, as the analytical brain of the software, has made our ATS even more smart.

Our values

We constantly improve and update our products to provide the HR world with excellent technologies to monitor and optimise the search and selection process.

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