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Artificial Intelligence for HR

Why use artificial intelligence for recruitment

Recruiters and human resources executives receive countless applications every day, either online, or in paper format, and consequently spend a lot of time on repetitive, routine tasks such as Resume and CV screening. These tasks can absorb a lot of time especially when the CVs are exceptionally long or irrelevant to the vacancy. However, by performing these tasks too quickly there is the risk that specific profiles won’t receive the right attention or qualified candidates will be archived by mistake. With the introduction of artificial intelligence it’s possible to significantly improve the recruitment and Talent Acquisition process! Special Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies allow these tasks to be automated and accelerated to support and optimise the work usually done by recruiters. In turn, this allows recruiters to devote themselves to other, more high value tasks, including the improvement of the application experience for candidates.

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Inda - INtelligent Data Analysis

Inda is a proprietary artificial intelligence technology for data analysis and interpretation created specifically for the HR world and designed to optimise the recruiting process. Through Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Inda helps recruiters to identify and attract the best possible talent. A particular strength of the Inda approach is the ability to self-learn and to self-specialise according to the needs and specific requirements of individual customers.

The innovation of artificial intelligence for recruitment


Information Extraction and CV Parsing

As soon as a CV is uploaded, Inda is able to extract the necessary candidate information and store it in the database. Using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing techniques, Inda distinguishes and recognises structures, texts and images, facilitating the import of personal data, professional background, studies and skills. The CV can be uploaded by the recruiter or the candidate and the Information Extraction and CV/Resume Parsing system automatically fills out the application form, simplifying the whole process.

CV anonymisation

The CV that the candidate uploads can be anonymised through a CV anonymisation system (Anonymous CV/Resume). This system was developed by Inda to facilitate anonymised CVs with disguised or obscured sections. This is a tool for blind recruitment: an anonymous copy of the candidate’s CV can be generated in real time to be shared with colleagues, corporate users or externally with client companies. The anonymous CV “obscures” information such as name, surname, telephone number, email, gender, nationality, date of birth, photos and links that are present in the CV, cover letter or other digital documents.


Semantic search

The semantic search engine operating in the Inda artificial intelligence solution tracks the most qualified candidates based on specific keywords – with varying weight – and words with similar meaning. Consequently, the semantic search results include both profiles that respond exactly to the keywords, and also those that have semantic similarity. This speeds up the search and selection process compared to traditional search methods.

Candidate scoring

The semantic analysis of CVs assigns the candidates with points for relevance or pertinence (a score) to the job announcement. This shows how closely, by percentage, the candidate matches the search and provides an up-to-date ranking of candidates.

Semantic matching

The semantic matching activity is enabled by artificial intelligence techniques and processes. On the basis of a Job Description or a candidate profile, Inda is able to identify a set of candidates that are similar to the specific announcement or the sample profile. The analysis and evaluation of candidates, and then the validation through a score system is a more practical approach to matching candidates and job announcements.

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Employ artificial intelligence to make your recruitment simpler and more efficien

The power of artificial intelligence for the world of HR

Support HR

Working side by side with human resources throughout the entire search and selection process

Automate repetitive activity

Improving the screening and pre-screening phases of the entire recruitment process

Reduce Time-to-Hire

Achieving recruitment and Talent Acquisition objectives while also saving time

Improve the Candidate Experience

Delivering a more flexible and accessible experience to applicants and strengthening Employer Branding

Increase diversity

Connecting with a diverse network of candidates

Digitise information

Facilitating the collection and storage of structured and semi-structured data

Inda is an ideal solution for


Improving the recruitment process and reducing Time-to-Hire

Employment Agencies

Finding the most qualified and relevant candidates for the job description

Job Board

Enhance the CV database and improve the Candidate Experience

Software Provider

Add innovative features to the HR suite

Make your recruitment more smart

Inda integrates artificial intelligence into your recruitment process. It’s a very versatile AI solution: it’s already available within the Inrecruiting Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and the APIs easily integrate with any ATS, HR software or management software.

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